Something Red

On a pleasant "cloudy" day in Toronto, I took a leisurely stroll through the downtown streets with my camera. Rather than my typical run and gun approach, I challenged myself to focus on "Something Red". This meant capturing shots where either the subject or the background contained a vibrant red hue. Unfortunately, the rain kept most people indoors, resulting in empty streets that made my task even more challenging.


Braving the Storm with a Burst of Color

I got down from the streetcar near Kensington Market and found a a canopy from where I can take photos without getting the camera wet. As if on cue, this person decided to cross the road with a red trolley bag. The vibrant red and the dark street made the color pop, it added so much contrast to the whole scene.


No umbrella but a red hat

From the streets of Kensington Market I went to Dundas Square to hopefully use the huge billboard as the red subject. That was a really good decision since I was able to get so many photos from Dundas Sq



So far all the photos had the red color as a part of the subject, and this is where I decided to compose one where the red is in the background. I was originally thinking of using the red ad that was playing on the billboard for this shot but luckily that's when a TTC streetcar decided to cross the junction.




A red object in each one third of the frame


Cameo by Tim Hortons


Waiting for the streetcar