A person waiting for a subway train

Toronto Public Library Exhibition

A collection of street photographs on "Companionship", exhibited at the Mimico Centennial branch of Toronto Public Library as part of the Art Exhibit 2024 program.

Something Red

On a pleasant "cloudy" day in Toronto, I took a leisurely stroll through the downtown streets with my camera. Rather than my typical run and gun approach, I challenged myself to focus on "Something Red". This meant capturing shots where either the subject or the background contained a vibrant red hue. Unfortunately, the rain kept most people indoors, resulting in empty streets that made my task even more challenging.

A monochromatic life

A collection of some of my favorite photos taken this year(2022), re-imagined as black and white

Portraits from the Street

This set is one that is close to heart, these are all the people who said Yes when I asked whether I can take a picture of them.

Watch Dogs

A collection of photos from the streets where the Dogs are waiting in front of the shops.


Walking down the streets of Toronto on a rainy night, I could not ignore the resemblance it has with Gotham. Maybe I wanted to see it because I had just finished watching 'The Batman'.

A foggy night

Downtown Toronto looks really beautiful at night, especially when it's a foggy night. I was walking down the Yonge Street from College onto Dundas Square when I captured these night shots of the city.