First exhibition

Toronto Public Library Art Exhibit 2024

As part of the Toronto Public Library's ArtExhibit 2024 program I was selected to exhibit my street photographs at the Mimico Centennial Library during the month of February.

I wanted to decide on a theme before I submit my images and that's when we decided on "Companionship". Looking back, it indeed was a pretty interesting theme and one which I've knowingly or unknowingly captured a lot.

The photos were curated from over the ten thousands of photos I've captured over the last two years. Since I didn't want my experience of capturing the photo being a factor in filtering it out, the final round of photos were filtered by my wife.

What is Companionship?

Embarking on a year-long endeavor, 'Companionship' unveils a collection of images that explores the multifaceted nature of human connection. In this exhibition, the essence of companionship transcends conventional boundaries, embodying the diverse roles played by parents, partners, pets, strangers, friends, and even the city itself when solitude looms. Each photograph serves as a visual narrative, weaving together the tapestry of relationships and the various forms in which companionship gracefully manifests.



I was walking through a street festival when I saw this kid sitting on her dad's shoulder, with a balloon animal on her hand. I shot this through the dim viewfinder of a 50 year old Yashicaflex.


This kid overtook me on her scooter just a few minutes before this shot. But I guess the extra effort was tiring and she decided to ditch the scooter for a piggyback ride on her mom's back.



I was walking through Dundas Square when I noticed this couple walking in front of me. I liked the way the couple decided to switch sides and I got the shot of the switch midway. The lighting from the billboard on the left of the scene provided a much needed contrast for subject separation.


Originally titled, "Growing Up is a Scam", took this photo while traveling on the subway train. I love the way both of them are lost in thoughts, and the guy's pose reminded me of the Bernie Sander's meme that was popular at that time


The grid pattern and the high contrast reminded me of a chess board, only if there were alternating black and white grids.



I had the composition ready even before the scene was populated with people. I was standing on the opposite side of the road with the camera pointing towards the window of Art Gallery of Ontario. I was waiting for quite sometime for someone to walk through the frame and when they did, I decided to compose with half the frame empty.


Just a couple of years apart. When I framed this photo, I wanted to bring the viewer to the juxtaposition of the age difference between the older gentleman and the kid.



Like owner, like dog!

I absolutely love this shot, love the way both their necks are turned at a not so comfortable angle and the fact that they synced up still cracks me up


A morning after the snow storm.


Hey! Is this yours?

This was taken near the lakeshore and this ought to be one of the funniest photos I've taken. The person with the feather on his hand poking or trying to pet the swan always cracks me up.



The person on the left tripped and was going to fall, luckily the lady on the right extended her arm at the right moment


Three musketeers?

I came back to the same scene around four times to get this shot, and in each one of them they had totally different expressions. I guess they really enjoyed sitting in front of a bike shop and chatting all day.





We're going in



Waiting ?





Street Art (MODERN)


Rainy day


To be or not to be? Or maybe just waiting for the crossing signal


Take out, anyone else getting a film noir ambience?




A shadow